Holiday Inn Lincoln

Holiday Inn Lincoln
Brayford Wharf North,
LN1 1YW, United Kingdom

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Celebrate 100 years of RAF Lincolnshire with Holiday Inn Lincoln

Planes, trails and adventures

A visit to Holiday Inn Lincoln is the perfect base to explore Lincolnshire's rich aviation heritage with an aviation trail in and around the city and fascinating heritage sites just a short drive away.

At its peak, Lincoln was one of the largest aircraft production areas in the world; producing over 3,500 aircraft and 3,000 Aero engines.

Today the city is home to the Red Arrows aerobatic display team, often practising over Lincoln's skies, the International Bomber Command Memorial, and many operating RAF bases.

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of RAF Lincolnshire, with events and exhibitions taking place allover our beautiful city. Holiday Inn Lincoln is the perfect base to stay and experience everything RAF Lincolnshire 100 has to offer. 

For more information about RAF Lincolnshire 100 events - Click here

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