Holiday Inn Lincoln

Holiday Inn Lincoln
Brayford Wharf North,
LN1 1YW, United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

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Can you drive on the Waterfront? Yes, this is an access only zone, the Holiday Inn is part of that access.

Do you have a car park? No we don't.

How do you get to the car park? Parking at nearby NCP Car Park on Lucy Tower street, only a 2 minute walk away from hotel. Post code LN1 1XL. Please phone hotel on 01522 544644 should you require any assistance.

How much is car parking and how long can I leave my car for? £3.50 nightly charge. Car parking restrictions do apply. 

Can I leave my bags here? Yes, however we ask for you to keep your belongings in your car if you are also parking. 

Is the Sports Bar part of the Holiday Inn? Yes, the Sports Bar belongs to the Holiday Inn.

Where do I go for breakfast? Into the Sports Bar and up the Restaurant Stairs.

Can I use the lift to get to the restaurant? Yes the lift that is located in the bar will take you to the restaurant. Not the hotel lobby lifts. 

Do you have a swimming pool? I'm afraid we do not. 

Does my room face the water? Yes if you have booked a Twin with a view or King Executive. All King Standards face the rear of the hotel. 

Where is the nearest news agents? Sainsbury's local, 5 minute walk. Turn right out of the hotel main entrance and head to Carholme road.

Where is the nearest pharmacy? Less then 2 minutes away. Turn left out of the main reception doors and turn left again between the Harvester and Chimichangas restaurants. 

How do I get to the high street? Turn left out of the hotel main entrance, follow the Brayford Waterfront until you reach the high street. 5 minute walk. 

How long does it take to get to the Cathedral / Castle? 30 minute walk, follow the high street uphill, this will take you Steep Hill. Both the cathedral and Castle are at the top. 


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